Monday, September 10, 2018

15 ~ One Winter Morning

Author's Note - yeah so, I had the next chapter totally written, then decided this chapter needed to come first but that there wasn't really a need for many words so... (sigh) lol here we are! Picture-only chapter, you've been warned!

Lunaris, Dragon Valley


Riyu, China


Tammen Bay, Hidden Springs


Railway to Limea, Midnight Hollow


Ashton District, Bridgeport


Lundr, Aurora Skies


Uptown, Bridgeport


Palm Shore, Roaring Heights


Taewe, Dragon Valley

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  1. Aw, this montage is really cute, showing everyone’s holiday in their separate homes. I felt sad for Cain, being the only one in his family with the very bright hair. Though at least his little sister has his eyes? And he wrote a letter to Ming…though her family don’t seem to be too thrilled about it. And Mincia at her wedding, that outfit is gorgeously simple and perfect for a werewolf wedding. But dang, those eyes in that last shot.
    Stefan and Hesper are together on the holiday? Interesting… those two are so adorable. Very much like an old-fashioned courtship. Which makes sense I guess, given Stef is immortal. Sam and Sarah and friends, so nice to see them enjoying some nice clean fun 😉
    Naw, Isidore’s baby sister being so excited to see him. Freaking love family stuff like that. And then the contrast of Chrys being all alone in the giant empty house. *snuggles her*
    Jacob’s mother being so excited to see them both; and being there for Rob when he thinks about his own mother. She’s perfect.
    Ooh, and a mystery girl. Can’t see her eyes so I don’t know if I love her yet… sorta depends on who she’s being paired up with :P

    1. Cain actually handles the hair fairly well, at least racism in Dragon Valley isn't as strong as it is elsewhere, but it's definitely not easy. Those darn recessive genes!
      Hehe, Mincia... oh poor Mincia, that betrothal looked like it hurt a little!

      Stefan and Hesper live in neighboring towns, so they were off to the same destination! Still makes me gooey though to see them so in love!

      Lettie is really cute the way she hangs off her big brother. It makes it quite the contrast to see poor Chrys... My baby Chrys makes me just wanna hug on her and keep her safe.

      Mystery girl indeed! You've spotted quite a bit! <3 I'm so happy to see my images were clear enough and understood!

  2. Haaaaa I LOVED seeing all the different ways everyone celebrated the holidays
    And a lot of them gave me some MAJOR feels
    Like god CHRYS, your parents are such jackASSES
    And roB mourning
    Is going home had to be one of the cutest things lol, PICKING UP HIS LITTLE SISTER
    Also my SHIP STEFAN AND HESPER hahahahahsocute
    I loved all of it haha and Ming sure is getting ready to come back with a bang with that new haircut XD

    1. Yes, my dear Saturnalia! I couldn't seem to get away without putting SOMETHING like this up, the pictures made it fun, though!
      Ljals;kdgja TELL me about it! Poor Chrys! Her and Rob's section put me through a ringer of feels.
      But at least we got some happy feels! Is and Stefan/Hesper...

      <3 <3 Thanks for always leaving me these awesome comments!